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Where do i start? I am a Discord enthusiast who enjoys creating new gaming opportunities. I am the owner and Founder of Xiled Clubs. My goal is to create fun gaming environments for people that make them feel at home and make it easier for them to find other gamers alike. I am also the Chief Innovative Officer for Xiled Syndicate. I look for new ways to better the community and gaming overall. I also have many other projects that are upcoming that I am apart of. These projects will make it so much easier to communicate with gamers of different calibers. I am also a Destiny player. My other favorite games are Roblox and Sea of Theives. I love unicorn plushies and the color pink! The love of my life and biggest accomplishment is Cory (Mr XGN).


  • CEO Of Xiled Clubs

  • Chief Innovation Officer At Xiled Syndicate

  • Clan Ops Council At Xiled Gaming Network

  • And More

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